Designed specifically for fashion brands, impress your customers with a stunning and feminine home page, product list and lookbook.

Premium Features

Flipping Product Image

Get a sight of a different angle when your mouse hovers on a product. For example, a front-angled product image will change to a side-angled one.

Instagram Feed

Create interaction by showing your Instagram posts within your store.

Product Quick View

View product details in a pop-up so customers would not required to leave their current page.

Live Chat

Get to know your customers and provide solutions after hearing their needs through live chat feature. No more delay!

Referral / Invite Friend

Earn plentiful referrals by giving out loyalty point or discount everytime your customers refer your online store to their friends or family.

*) Only available for Professional plan

Multi Currency / Language

Enter the international marketing by showing other currencies which conversion was powered by Yahoo! Finance, also translate your website into other languages.

*) Only available for Enterprise with additional charge

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