IDR 499,000.00 One Time Payment

Be flexible with your look, it's as easy as changing your wallpaper! Mavelin offers not only 8 display styles in a template, but also adds valuable features for your online store.

Premium Features

Thematic Skin

Be flexible with your look, it's as easy as changing your wallpaper! Pick a theme to match your product collections' mood or festive moments.

Flipping Product Image

Get a sight of a different angle when your mouse hovers on a product. For example, a front-angled product image will change to a side-angled one.

Bundling Price

Sell more! Let your customers get special price for every purchase with a certain quantity. This promotion setting is automatically available for you without having to alternate template's coding.

*) Only available for Enterprise

Gift Card

Accommodate generous customers who wants to grant vouchers for others to shop at your online store.

*) Only available for Professional plan


Instagram Feed

Create interaction by showing your Instagram posts within your store.

Products Review and Rating

Let customers speak out their mind and start to build a two-way communication with them.

*) Only available for Enterprise plan

This Themes Also Include :

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Referal/invite friends
  • Multi currency
  • Dual language
  • Login by Facebook
  • Unique payment code
  • Free theme updates

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