With minimum details and clear appearance, Dukani is highly suitable for electronics and gadgets.


Product Quick View

View product details in a pop-up so customers would not required to leave their current page.

Product Image Zoom

Give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image.

Referral / Invite Friend

Earn plentiful referrals by giving out loyalty point or discount everytime your customers refer your online store to their friends or family.

*) Only available for Professional plan

Responsive Design

Your online store will maintain its attractive appearance and functionalities when accessed from smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic gadgets.

Multi Currency / Language

Enter the international marketing by showing other currencies which conversion was powered by Yahoo! Finance, also translate your website into other languages.

*) Only available for Enterprise plan with additional charge

Produk Review dan Rating

Let customers speak out their mind and start to build a two-way communication with them.

*) Only available for Enterprise plan

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