Match the website appearance with your brand character with our attractive template that are accessible in smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic gadgets. Change the look anytime.


IDR 499,000.00 One Time Payment

Ganti tampilan layout homepage website Anda, semudah mengganti wallpaper di layar gadget! Akasha menawarkan 3 layout tampilan homepage, 3 layout produk katalog dan 4 pilihan font dalam 1 template. Gratis untuk user dengan paket Enterprise Yearly!

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  • Mavelin

    IDR 499,000.00 One Time Payment

    Be flexible with your look, it's as easy as changing your wallpaper! Mavelin offers not only 8 display styles in a template, but also adds valuable features for your online store.

  • Tilé

    IDR 199,000.00 One Time Payment

    Tilé's dynamic and minimalist style presents your products in an automated grid layout, making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

  • Olivia


    Designed specifically for fashion brands, impress your customers with a stunning and feminine home page, product list and lookbook.

  • Bersi

    Bersi is a template designed with minimalistic concept to build a clean and elegant look.
  • Perdana


    The minimalistic character owned by Perdana makes it perfect for a wide range of products.

  • Bold


    Bold features a simple layout with monochrome colours to reinforce the final appearance of brand and products in websites.

  • Antik


    Antik portrays a basic vintage theme, featuring a classic yet cool look.

  • Bakara

    A perfect fit for those who wants to emphasize on image aesthetics as Bakara makes the photos in your online store looks more appealing.
  • Sahara


    Get the most of Sahara’s cool lookbook feature for broad types of collection such as hijab, kidswear and accessories.

  • Vincentia


    Vincentia is enriched with elegant shades of purple which complements exclusive products catalogue.

  • Gemes


    The adorable template features bright colours which become an excellent choice to showcase baby products as well as toys.

  • Ceria

    Ceria means cheerful in English, and the template enriched with pastel colors to able tell a story about brands with cute & sweet character perfectly.
  • Meilio


    Meilio features unique shades which make it the ultimate choice for products with adorable rustic theme.

  • Dukani


    With minimum details and clear appearance, Dukani is highly suitable for electronics and gadgets.

  • Velove


    Velove is predominantly pink in colour: a sweet look with ornamental details that is suitable for brands with a feminine characteristic.

  • Crafty


    Crafty presents a sweet look with polka-dot patterns on the background: often chosen to showcase handicrafts products, toys, souvenirs and many more.

  • Tronika


    This special theme features a variation of bright colours with a great contrast of blue and yellow. The right choice for brands with youthful characteristics.


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