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Sample Documents: Purchase Terms and Conditions

Products and Services

  • The order you've made through the website will be stated as "agreed" when you receive a confirmation from <DOMAIN>. The confirmation will be sent to you through email.
  • Products ordering through <DOMAIN> payment gateaway can be done on Monday to Friday at 09.00 to 17.00. For orders made on Saturday/Sunday/holiday and outside the working hours, the ordered items will be recorded in our inbox and we will process them on the next working day.


  • Payment for orders can be done via bank transfer to the bank appointed by <DOMAIN>
  • All transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • We can make you sure that the payment process is safe with the presence of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol on our website. SSL provides full safety and freedom for every customer to shop online without worrying about the possibility of leaking the information of their credit card online.
  • Payment receipt will be sent via email to the registered email address, max 1 day after the payment has been made. 
  • Customers have to keep the payment receipt just in case it is required in the payment confirmation process.
  • All transactions will be processed in 1 x 24 hours period.
  • <DOMAIN> has the right to turn down the customer's transaction if it is deemed to be inappropriate.

Product Delivery

  • Product delivery will be done after <DOMAIN> receive the confirmation of payment which has been made by the customer max in 1 x 24 hours period. Customers are able to check the status of their orders on Order History page located on customers' account info page (customers should log in first).
  • The ordered products can be delivered on the same day if the products ordering and payment confirmation sent to <DOMAIN> before 10.00 (working days).
  • The shipping fee will be charged to customers. The value of shipping fee fully depends on the cost established by the courier service used. You won't need to pay any charge if your location is within the delivery area defined by <DOMAIN>.
  • <DOMAIN> is not responsible for any damage caused by the third party such as the courier service.
  • Delivery of the products using the service of:
    • JNE

Product Warranty

  • Warranty is given only if the customers fulfil all terms and conditions set by <DOMAIN>.
  • Warranty only applies to customers in Republic of Indonesia.
  • For products which have official warranty, <DOMAIN> is only able to help in claiming the warranty of the respective products (as long as the warranty period is still valid and customers still have the warranty card and the receipt of purchase).
  • Warranty doesn't apply when:
    • Invoice and the original warranty card is damaged, lost or cannot be shown;
    • The serial number of the respective product is damaged, lost or covered by graffiti or handwriting;
    • The seal stamped on the product has been damaged or opened within the warranty period;
    • The product has been disassembled by anyone other than the warranty provider;
    • The purchased items are clearance sale products or last stock display;
    • Damaged because of animals such as lizards, mice, insects, etc.;
    • Products are damaged due to improper installation or use, accident, fall, natural disaster, struck by lightning, liquid exposure, change of voltage, etc.

Cancellation, Return or Exchange of Products

  • Cancellation of transaction can only be done if the purchased items have not been delivered by <DOMAIN>. Cancelled transaction will be subjected to cancellation penalty of Rp. 100.000,-. 
  • Complaint and claim of orders should be received by <DOMAIN> within 1 x 24 hours period since the time you receive the transaction receipt and the ordered items. 
  • Purchased items cannot be exchanged or returned unless the contents of the shipped package are different from the items you have ordered.
  • Exchanged items should be received by <DOMAIN> maximum 2 x 24 hours (working days) after the claim is made. For shipment from another city, we refer to the stamped date. Items received after the time limit will be subjected to cancellation penalty of Rp. 20.000/day.
  • <DOMAIN> can only receive the returned items in one piece, the seal is not broken and there's no physical damage to the product's packaging. 
  • <DOMAIN> will not serve any claims concerning any transactions made by the misuse of customer's credit card. Customers are fully responsible for the ownership of the credit card.

<DOMAIN> may change or renew the terms and conditions of this website anytime. We will inform any changes we have made through our website or email if we think it's necessary. Changes on terms and conditions will apply as soon as it has been added to the website.

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