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Products: Waiting List System

Waiting List is a feature that allows customers to notify the merchant that they like some products that are already sold out.

Once a product is sold out, the system will automatically hide the 'Add To Cart' button to avoid customers from placing an order for specific product and replace it with 'Notify Me' button which only apply for members in order to avoid spam.

When customers click 'Notify Me' on certain product, their email addresses will be recorded in the system. In an event when merchant decides to restock the respective product, customers will be notified automatically via email.

Merchants are able to see how many people have been waiting for a product in order to help making decision about restocking by simply checking the Waiting List report. To generate Waiting List report, please follow these following steps:

  • Go to Orders on the sidebar
  • Click on Reports button and choose Waiting List from the dropdown

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