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Products: Bulk Upload

For a shop owner who has a lot of products (hundreds to thousands products or maybe more) to upload, it could be a tiring and such a waste of time if you have to upload the product one by one. As a solution, SIRCLO provides Bulk Upload feature on our e-Commerce template, but this feature is only available for customers using Plan C or D. Bulk Upload feature enables you to upload your products using CSV file (can be created using MS Office Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc.). The content of columns within the CSV file should follow this order:

Product Type Fill in with 'normal' for products without options, 'aggregator' or 'simple' for products with options (for more information, read here)
Title the title of your products.
Specification the specification of your products.
Product Code if you use Bulk Upload, you need to specify the product code because it is recognised by the system as the identifier of each product. Uploading a product in csv with the product code that already exists in the database, will cause the existing product to be updated (old product will be removed and new data will be added). 
Price the price of your products.
Sale Price the sale price of your products (if any).
Stock the number of supplies of your products.
Weight the weight of your products.
Size specify only if your product type is 'simple' and it has size options. Fill the cell with the size of your product. (Make sure the settings for product size has been defined beforehand).
Color specify only if your product type is 'simple' and it has colour options. Fill the cell with the colour of your product. (Make sure the settings for product colour has been defined beforehand).
Category specify the Category-ID of the category where your products belong. Make sure you have created the categories. You can get the Category-ID by opening the category details on your admin panel, then take a look at the number(s) displayed after the last slash (/) sign of the url (the Category-ID consists of only number). For example, the url shown on your browser when you open your desired category is, it means that the Category-ID is 9.
Featured Fill the cell with '1' if it is a feature product. Otherwise, leave it blank.
New Fill the cell with '1' if it is a new product. Otherwise, leave it blank.
Allow Backorder Fill the cell with '1' if the product is open for pre-order. Otherwise, leave it blank.
Aggregator Code specify only if your product type is 'simple'. Fill the cell with the title of the respective aggregator product where this simple product belongs to.
Images Images cannot be uploaded through CSV file, they have to be uploaded directly through the admin panel. You can upload the CSV file even when the Images column is empty, it means that you can create the products first, and the images can be uploaded later.
Page Title the page title of products appeared on web browsers.
Meta Description the meta description of the products visible to search engine.
Slug leave it blank as the slug will be updated automatically.
Publish Fill the cell with '1' if the product is going to be published. Otherwise, leave it blank.

The order of the rows in the CSV file will affect the order of the uploaded products on the website. The product in the first row of the CSV file will be uploaded as the first product on the website, and so on.

To use Bulk Upload, please follow these following steps:

  • Go to Store/Products on the sidebar
  • Click Export from the Action Buttons to get the sample CSV file (or download the sample format of CSV file here)
  • Update the CSV file
  • Click Bulk Upload from the Action Buttons
  • Choose the file to upload
  • Click Upload

Note: Bulk Upload feature only enables you to add new products or update the existing products. To delete products, you have to do it through the website's admin panel.

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