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Orders: Pre-Order System

Pre-Order Products are products that can be ordered in advance before the merchants even have the stock for the respective products. Merchants normally open pre-order products to cater overwhelming demand of popular products.

Since the pre-order products haven't been ordered yet by merchant, the merchant normally may accept any number of order for pre-order products, not like normal product which can be sold out. To achieve this objective, we allow pre-order products to have negative stock which can go to infinite.

To make the new or existing products available to be pre-ordered, please follow these following steps:

  • Go to the Products tab on your admin panel
  • Choose the respective product or create a new one
  • On the product details page, tick the Allow Backorder checkbox
  • Click Save or Update

Since the purchase of pre-order products is being placed and paid even before the merchant ordering the products, therefore the shipment will be much longer (normally around 1 to 2 months) than normal products shipment (which normally less than one week), some online shop allows customers to pay separate shipping fee when buying both normal product and pre-order products. This feature is called 'Split Pre-Order Delivery' and may not apply to all stores.

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