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Marketing: Point System

SIRCLO e-commerce support Point System as a powerful marketing module for online shops. With this feature, members have privilege to accumulate points upon purchases and track their points on their account info. 

Note: Purchase amount only counts from total product(s) price (excluding sale items) and discount (doesn't include shipping fee).

Points can be granted using 2 ways:

  • Automatically
    Merchants are able to configure the rules for the automatic points rewarding. For example, you'd like to give 1 point per 50 dollars spent, and each point can be redeemed into 5 dollars for the next purchases. To apply those kind of rules, please follow these following steps:
    • Go to Settings tab on the sidebar
    • Choose General Settings
    • Fill in the value on these following fields
      Loyalty: Points earned per Dollar Specify how many points the customers will get for each dollar spent.
      Loyalty: Dollars redeemed per Point Specify how many dollars the customers will get for each point redeemed.
      For the previous example, you can fill the fields with these value:
    • Click Save or Update

  • Manually
    Merchants can give points to particular member as a gift or reward manually through the admin panel by doing these following steps:
    • Go to Customers tab on the sidebar
    • Choose the certain member you wish to grant the points to
    • Fill in the number of points you'd like to give on the Points field
    • Click Save or Update

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