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Config: Social Media Setup

SIRCLO supports integration to different social medias such as Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more. Our integration allows product catalogue update from Admin Panel to be updated automatically to social medias with just one tick from admin panel.

From admin panel, when you are creating a new product or updating an existing products, there is a tick called 'Post to Social Media'. By ticking this field, a post about the product will be posted to your social medias.

Before you are using this feature, you may need to do a setup with the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Click 'Join IFTT'

  • To create an account follow the given instructions and key in necessary information and than click 'Create account'

  • Click 'create a recipe'

  • Click 'This'

  • Choose 'Feed'

  • Select 'New feed item'

  • Enter <website_url>/store_updates.xml under 'Feed URL' (eg: and click 'Create Trigger'

  • Click 'that'

For Facebook:

  • Open your facebook page in the different tab browser
  • Choose 'Facebook Page'. 

  • and then Activate

  • For 'Facebook Page', click 'Create a link post'

  • Leave the field 'Link URL' and 'Message' as default and click 'Create Action'

  • Click 'Create Recipe'

For Twitter:

  • Open your Twitter  in the different tab browser
  • Choose 'Twitter' 

  • and then 'Activate'.

  • Click 'Post a tweet with image'

  • Leave the field 'What's Happening' and 'Link URL' as default and click 'Create Action'

  • Click 'Create Recipe'

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