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Config: Manage User Account

User Management is a very useful tool for a busy shop owner who needs helping hands. You can give access to anyone you want to help you in administering your website.

As a shop owner, you can also grant read/write access permission only to your employee(s) to help you upload the products to your website. This kind of permission only allows them to read or add things without enabling them to delete anything or create another user.

To grant access to another person, please follow these following steps:

  • Create SIRCLO account for the new user through
  • Login to your admin panel.
  • Click 'Administrators', under 'Configuration' menu on your admin panel
  • Click New Administrator
  • Fill in the following fields with the following value
    Name the name of the new user. It will automatically appear on the Author field when the new user creates a blog post.
    Email Address email address which will be used as the username when login to admin panel.
    Website website address or another online profile of your new user.
    Privileges the privilege(s) you would like to give to the new user.
  • Please note that the email address should have been registered as SIRCLO account as mentioned in first step

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