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Appearances: Theme Specific Widgets

SIRCLO provides high quality e-Commerce templates to satisfy your needs. Each template was specially designed to portray different kind of store themes, for example if you need a clean look, Bersi template suits you most. Because each template brings their own theme, the widgets are also devoted to complementing the look of the whole website. Therefore, the widgets will be different from one template to another. 

You may edit the widgets on your e-Commerce template from the Widgets tab on admin panel. There are several kinds of theme specific widgets on our template such as widgets (mini promotional banner), footer links, footer text, etc.

Widgets (mini promotional banner) may be used to announce promotions or highlight a certain part of the website such as blog or lookbook. The shape, location and content of these widgets may vary from one template to another.

Footer links widget contains several links to other pages and it is usually located at the footer of the website while footer text contains of short write up about copyright of the website.

To update the content of widgets on your eCommerce template, please follow these following steps:

  • Go to Appearances/Widgets on the sidebar
  • Choose which widget you'd like to update
  • Click on the title of the desired widget
  • Update the content
  • Click Save or Update

As each template has its own specific widgets, here are the screenshots of widgets on our templates:

  • Bersi

  • Anggun

  • Antik

  • Bold

  • Ceria

  • Perdana

  • Sylva

  • Telsa

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