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Appearances: Navigation

Website navigation is an important part of a website as it plays a major role in guiding visitors around the website. It is usually located on top of website page and contains links to other pages. SIRCLO e-Commerce templates allow users to customize their own navigation. 

Main Navigation

To edit your navigation, please follow these following steps:

  • Go to Appearances/Navigation
  • Click New Navigation Item button to create a new navigation item or click any title from the existing navigation items to update
  • Fill up the following fields with the following value:
    Menu Title the title of the navigation item which will appear on the website's main navigation (it is recommended to use simple, straight-forward and easy to understand word).
    Link to Page choose from the dropdown to which page the navigation item will be linked to.

    If you choose 'Products' from the dropdown, two other fields will appear, that are:
    • Product Categorychoose from the dropdown the category of products to be featured on website's navigation.
    • Sub-Menu Type: choose 'Categories' to show the subcategories under the previously specified category as dropdown of the navigation item.

    If you want to link the navigation item into a page which does not exist on the dropdown options, choose Custom URL and a new field named 'Custom URL' will appear, specify the link on the field.
    Parent if you specify the parent, the navigation item will automatically become the sub-item of the parent navigation item and appear as dropdown on the website.
  • Click Save or Update.

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