Our Team

Our team consists of a relatively small number of people but we keep on growing. We share the same dream of an advanced e-commerce environment in Indonesia. In the present time, our e-commerce platform had been helping online business owners to build professional, reliable and attractive online stores with ease. By employing SIRCLO platform, online sellers may be able to work and integrate their online stores with surrounding services in order to succeed.
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Meet the Team

Brian Marshal, Founder and CEO at SIRCLO
Brian Marshal
Founder & CEO
Leontius Pradhana, Chief Technology Officer at SIRCLO
Leontius Pradhana
Chief Technology Officer
Andreas Thamrin, Chief Operating Officer at SIRCLO
Andreas Thamrin
Chief Commercial Officer
Rinaldi Tjhin, VP of Operations at SIRCLO
Rinaldy Tjhin
VP of Operations
VP of Technology - Nicholas Hamidjaja
Nicholas Hamidjaja
VP of Technology
SIRCLO Marketing Team
Marketing Team
SIRCLO Sales Team
Sales Team
SIRCLO Support Team
Support Team
SIRCLO Connexi Team
Connexi Team
SIRCLO Technology Team
Technology Team
SIRCLO Finance and People Operations Team
Finance and People Operations Team

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